About Us


Blackkiwi.Club, one of the world’s hottest stationery brands, was born in 2003. The ultimate creator of colourful, fun and funky but functional fashion-forward stationery. The concept took off, we opened our first store in Kuala Lumpur and soon hit "50" points of outlets in Malaysia. In the near future, Blackkiwi.Club will open its doors in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

The product range is now growing bigger and better than ever. Our goal is to inspire and develop the creative spirit. It is a lot of fun getting along with our stationery in bold colour and quirky graphics Products.

We trust we have created a place that is well worth a peek. It may not be spacious but it is incredibly bright with friendliness and passion. So come on in and have a great time in one of the world’s greatest places... Blackkiwi.Club Stores.